Study abroad in Jerusalem

Study abroad in Jerusalem
Study abroad in Jerusalem

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Blogger: Junying Zhu (Mia)

Junying Zhu (Mia) is Pursuing International MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation program at the Rothberg International School, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

Why study in Israel? And why study at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem? 

I was attracted to Israel mainly because of its world-renowned title as a “start-up nation”. I’ve been in Israel for three months. These are the most amazing months for me this year: I dived in the most beautiful sea in Eilat, hiked in the most incredible Negev desert and met very friendly Israelis. Jerusalem, in particular, is a magical place where various religions co-exist, and also traditional mindsets and innovative spirits co-exist, which you cannot always experience in other places. As China-Israel relations have been developing rapidly in recent years, the more frequent educational exchanges enabled me to see the opportunity to pursue my studies in Israel. 

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is my first choice because it’s the top university in Israel, and especially because my seniors from Sun Yat-sen University, where I am doing my master’s degree in China, highly recommended the MBA program here after they studied in this program two years ago. One special thing about the MBA program is that I can do an internship in an Israeli company, where I can experience in person the entrepreneurship and innovation that are embedded in Israeli business environment.

In the past months, I’ve met very experienced, knowledgeable and passionate professors. Also, studying in the Rothberg International School allowed me to make friends with students from countries worldwide. I think my studies here will help me understand Israel, and even the world better, and definitely will help me get closer to my career goal.

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